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PK3 Program

The Reggio-inspired, nature-based PK3 class is the perfect foundation for students at St. Nicholas School. These classrooms are inquiry-based and child-led, which means our children have the freedom to question, explore, and create their ideas in a supportive, stimulating, and literacy rich environment. With the Reggio philosophy, even the youngest children are viewed as competent learners who are capable of having deep and meaningful explorations.

Children who begin this program as toddlers have displayed the benefits of intellectually stimulating, experiential learning. Our students learn to be creative, apply critical thinking skills, work collaboratively, and solve problems. Students often request to go to the Maker Station or Art Studio to create their ideas.

Reggio-inspired, experiential learning is meaningful and powerful. When children use hands-on materials and learn about the world around them, the learning is long lasting. This continues the St. Nicholas belief that “how we learn lasts forever.” One example is our three year old's love for using measuring tapes. Sometimes students explore the hiking trails and measure interesting items in nature. When students count the inches of a log or circumference of a tree, we know they will have lasting memories of learning about math and its application outside the confines of the traditional classroom.