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Core Classes

Within the core curriculum, skill classes individualize. This personalized curriculum takes the differentiation you find in traditional classrooms further. The individualized curriculum at St. Nicholas is critical to our mission. Where individualization is most obvious is in the core language arts and mathematics classes that function with individualized plan sheets that denote a curricular focus specifically for that child. Students can progress continuously in this continuous-progress curriculum. 

Although the classroom may not look like it’s organized in the traditional sense of the word, the St. Nicholas classroom is exceptionally structured. The framework is embedded through careful planning with each student's need at the center. It is planned for each individual student as opposed to the whole class. When you enter a classroom, you are likely to see children doing a multitude of different tasks like reading and working by themselves, sitting on the floor doing a hands-on activity, engaging with another student in writing a play, working on manipulatives, watching a science video clip, and taking a chapter assessment.