Movement | Physical Education

Fall 2019

Cathy Harvey and Kevin Leckenby

Young children jumping rope in the gym

Early Learning Center

      We have been very active in Movement, learning many new skills while having fun.  At the beginning of the year, we played games learning how to follow directions, take turns and share.
We have been kicking playground balls and dribbling and shooting soccer balls in the goals with a goalkeeper.  
     In October, we enjoyed many activities.  We practiced jumping rope with long ropes and plying the Cinderella and Teddy Bear games.
     Our favorite is the parachute and we love the mountain, umbrella, tent, and popcorn trips.
     For Halloween, we enjoyed making and visiting the haunted house.  Our famous Halloween exercise is called “Witches’ Brew.”

Lower Primary students sports games in the gym

Lower Primary and Middle Primary

      At the beginning of the school year, we played “icebreaker games” such as the whistle game and kay, kay to introduce the new students in to our cottages.  
     We enjoyed running relays with cones and bean bags to practice following directions and good sportsmanship.
     In October, we participated in many fun activities.  Soccer is always fun as we practice dribbling, shooting, and being the goalkeeper.  We played indoor and outdoor games.  We jumped rope and played Cinderella, teddy bear, and MP learned the “school game.”
     We always end the month with our fun Halloween activities:  Witches’ Brew and the Halloween scooter game.

Lower Primary students sports games in the gym

Upper Primary

     We began the year scoring our Baselines so we could track our growth over the course of the year. The students compete only against their future selves, not each other.
     Next we moved into relays, which helped develop teamwork and a sense of purpose. We were able to recognize that improving ourselves as individuals also helped the team overall. Small improvements over time made a huge difference.
     Now we have put those skills to use on the soccer field. We work on the team and fitness side of the sport. The score is kept but that is only to learn the system, not to stress short term victories. Individual growth and understanding are the main goals of the unit. We will be on the soccer field as weather allows, and if not we can play indoor soccer in the gym. Please send your student in sport/weather appropriate clothes.

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